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Residential Real Estate
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Construction Jobsite Monitoring

The Do!

     Sky Shots Drone Services provides UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) aka "Drone" services for the Real Estate, Inspection, and Construction industries. 

     The ability of drones to put cameras and /or other types of sensors in space is extraordinary.  These positions give you incredible perspectives and insights that would have been unattainable or cost prohibited only a short time before. 

     The cameras on our Drone platforms are capable of 20MP or better images and 4K video giving you unparalleled image and/or video acquisition

     Thermal sensors capture infrared light waves that can give you the ability to see perspectives normally hidden from your naked eyes. 

     The data from standard images can be processed by software to add mathematical perspectives to give you the ability to analyze what you see. 

     Depending on your needs, Drone imagery can attract customers, safely inspect challenging structures, or capture, monitor, and quantify job sites. 

     Let Sky Shots Drone Services know what your needs are to show you how UAS "Drone" technology can provide perspectives that enhance Your Business.

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For General Information on Drone Services:

We will show you how a Different Perspective can help Your Business!


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Flight Ops Manager 

John Belanger

(508) 748 - 5942

- Serving Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.
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